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 Well everyone, it seems the groundhogs were right! Though it’s only the 15th of February, I can already tell that spring is, well springing into action! Three factors go into this reasoning; first, there is the dirt beneath my fingernails that refuses to be washed away, second, the mysterious nicks and cuts on my hands that always appear, and third the forgotten pack of seeds in my pants pocket that, every year inevitably gets washed with the laundry (for some reason it’s always radishes!). Ok, well maybe it’s four factors…Allergies have returned (early) to ruthlessly ravage my every waking moment! But I can’t pay attention to my pounding head, my stuffed nose that makes every  ‘N’ sound like a ‘D’, or even my watery eyes, No! whatever nature throws at me, there is one thing that must prevail….Gardening!  
So despite these achy muscles and ballon-like feeling in my head, Bear and I went Valentines day shopping, no, not for lingerie, for plants! (insert giddy excitement here) We finally found the time this weekend to build raised bed number two, this one six foot by four foot, and again, seventeen inches deep. Once again filled with a mixture of organic material (i.e. Grass clippings, shredded leaves, spoiled hay) and good garden soil. After two days of planning and configuring, this is what I managed to stuff into 24 square feet:

8 Georgia collard plants-12 inches apart
1 broccoli plant -12 inches 
15 spinach plants-6 inches apart
1 four foot long row of chives
2 four foot long rows of carrots
8 heading iceberg lettuce plants-8 inches apart
1 big beautiful purple Kale plant-15 inches is the spacing but I stuck it in a corner:)
13 onion sets, stuck between rows and wherever I could find room
4 pansies, also stuck in corners and wherever there was room
2 four foot long rows of radishes
1 four foot long row of sugar snap peas
Various Nasturtium seeds, stuck wherever there was room
California poppy seeds strewn around the broccoli plant.

The completed Raised Bed

Most of the spacing is taken from an intensive planting guide, I’m hoping that the plants are close enough together to shade out any weeds, though a thick layer of mulch will be applied, on top of the nourishing layer of compost spread yesterday. All of the flowers included in the mix are both insectory (meaning they will attract beneficial insects ) and edible. The nasturtiums will actually repel some leaf munching insects and I’m planning on adding some sweet alyssum as a living mulch later on. In other words, I’ve tried to pull out almost all the stops on the organic gardening pathway, including companion planting, which we will discuss on a later post. So hopefully, fingers crossed and prayers to agricultural gods everywhere, this garden wont have near the problems my others have had!

Iceberg lettuce

   Now it’s time to get back outside (hence the reason for my shortest post ever:). It’s a warm 63 degrees here in Georgia today with nice, sunny skies and a cooling gentle breeze…time to work on raised bed number three!



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