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Wanna Take a Tour of our Farm? C’mon, lets take a walk!

This is where we lived for Two years while working on the Big Barn, the small addition on the right was a battery box. Right behind it, the Ducks and Chicks are housed...lets go meet them!


Meet the Ducks and Chicks! The Ducks are named Merry and Pippin...they're always in trouble! We're fairly certain one of the chicks is a hen, she'll be named Mrs.Wynners. (I know, we're morbid, wait 'till you hear the Rooster's name)


Awwww! They love each other!


Lets check out the Gardens now! Well, this is actually the compost...I have volunteer peas and pumpkins coming up!


My Baby Carrots! They were DELICIOUS! I keep harvesting them before they reach full "carrothood", there just too good to leave in ground!


Yarrow...good for wound healing, and the treatment of colds and viruses, I have A Lot drying for the shop as we speak, with more to come as you can see!


The last Radish...we're seeing how big it will get...


I made a wonderful Rose Vinegar for sunburns last year from this rose...Make the same way as garlic vinegar. To use, Soak a rag in half water, half vinegar and lay cloth on Sunburn to alleviate pain and turn the burn into a tan!


Now we'll take a walk down the path we cut behind the house, everything is left wild for the local critters until we turn the area into an orchard, we always see rabbits, deer, racoons and plenty of birds down here!


To the right is this beautiful wild vetch, the pea-like pods are poisonous, but this plant provides vital nitrogen to the soil structure, as well as beauty to the landscape.


Just behind the vetch is a large Privett shrub, though invasive, it too provides vibrant blooms and food and shelter for wildlife. I've heard rumors its medicinal but havent had a chance to research this further...


As we continue down the path, my favorite flowers appear right in front of the semi-dry pond bed. A simple wild daisy, it's simplicity is it's beauty!


This is one of the many wild willow trees that populate the property, Im fairly sure this is White Willow. White Willow bark is medicinally similar to asprin; pain relieving, fever reducing, etc, The difference is no Stomach bleeding! Im very excited to have these trees...


This is the Lower Barn, soon to be workshop/studio/forge! It needs alot of work, but hey, were accustomed to that by now!


This is Grandmother Willow-who-is-actually-an-Oak, the inspiration for RavenOak Medicinals...the Ravens and She have an agreement, they get to hang out on her limbs as long as they fertilize the ground below with their droppings!


The guardian of the Oak...surprisingly not covered in Raven Poo!


A view thru the Oak leaves...That's the little building up there and you can just barely see our solar panels to the left. The driveway is to the right...thats where we're headed next.


Up here to the right of the driveway is the baby Oak Grove, a No-Mow Zone. Though we will not see the full maturity of these babies, it is still pretty cool to know our grandchildern will bear witness!


Our pecan started as a stick in the ground! The nuts it produces are very large!


Say Hi Bo-Bunny! (He likes to graze the clover under the Pecan)


The last stop is my messy front porch, we wont go into the house, its not fully done yet. That's Mint growing up through the cracks there, Oh! and meet Churches! Rev. Churches Chicken is his full name and he loves biscuits and my Garden. Dont worry if he chases you out of the driveway as you leave, he does that to everyone!

Well Im glad you could stop by, it’s too bad you couldnt see everything! We didnt get to the Frog Filled Pond Bed, The Stream behind it (I’ll be growing Ginseng back there one day!) Oh, and the Pine Forest, My Grandmother’s straw and mud cottage she’s building next door, The Front and Side Fields…soon to be an apple orchard and vineyard,and the Slab behind the house, its going to be a Huge Greenhouse someday! Oh, Well, maybe next time! I’ll invite you in for some coffee and some Peanut Butter cookies, maybe it wont be such a construction zone then! See Ya’ll next week!

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Hello world…let’s see, where to start… Well with introductions I suppose:) my name is Gwenevere, Gwen for short and I along with my fiancé, Bear, own a farm…well, a soon-to-be-farm. The story of this little piece of property is a magical one,to me at least, and in it’s entirety would take up quite a bit of room so for this first post I’ll stick to the most recent and relevant history. we purchased our ten acres plus 3 barns, pond bed and stream in the fall of 2008 from Bear’s grandmother under owner financing, planning to convert one of the barns,The Barn as the family calls it, into a house,and while working on it, continue to live in our apartment until it’s finish. we estimated the process to take a little under a year, the barn had previously been renovated and didn’t seem to need that much more work. we were mainly re-renovating. well, as we all know, plans never go over without a hitch, especially with this place, and when all was said and done, a large amount of cash was stolen from us I.e our life savings, we couldn’t afford the property and our apartment at the same time, the economy crashed, leaving me jobless, and we ended up moving into a tiny 10 ft by 12 ft building with no electricity or running water that was on our recently purchased property. Add into the equation losing half our belongings to both an unpayable storage building bill and water/mold damage and we find ourselves in a pretty pickle! 
  Now I suppose most sane individuals would just sit down and cry after all this(and believe me, I wouldn’t blame them one bit:), but for some strange reason(perhaps my lack of sanity?) I didn’t cry, neither did Bear. We were, of course, angry…well that word doesn’t really describe what we felt after our money was stolen, but we didn’t completely freak over our unique situation. Perhaps it’s that survival instinct I hear about, or that moment of calm a mist the craziness, I’ve started calling it the moment of opportunity. When a person really does see that elusive silver lining in those clouds, we saw the opportunity immediately, I was even excited about camping out in what bears uncle called the “party pad”! Thousands of questions started zooming around in my head, catchphrases and terms I had heard before like homesteading, off-the-grid, living off the land and green building began to sound pretty darn interesting(of course I had no idea that the phrase “freezing my ass off” would come into my vocabulary at the time). And as soon as I mentally voiced these questions like “whAt the hell are we gonna eat?”, the answers would appear in the form of bears grandmother off handedly mentioning she had some veggie seeds we could have, then my mother serendipitously giving me a veritable library of gardening books, and both simultaneously saying, look, this weed is edible, and this one, and this one, and this one… Needless to say we both immediately  began to learn the art of “living off the grid”. We also began assessing the cost of our remodel, which of course, involved WAY more work than originally estimated, you see one corner of the foundation was falling in, the roof was completely shot, the wiring originally in the building had been sold for scrap and the windows were all gone. Once again, no crying hysterically after essentially buying four concrete cinderblock walls, one of which was on the verge of falling down, but that moment of opportunity kicked in once more! We just had to get creative! Of course money was still an issue and as soon as the “how are we going to pay for this” question left our lips, the magic struck again. Unbeknownst to me, my grandparents had created a  small  college fund, and it had begun to mature! Now this wasn’t a million dollars or some such nonsense but perhaps with that creativity and a lot of salvage work,I.e collecting aluminum and copper and using reclaimed building materials fished from construction dumpsters, we could finish The Barn and finally start on turning our giant fire ant mound, as we like to call it, into a working prosperous farm! 
   Though a little late in the making, seeing as how the house is almost done, I hope this blog will chronicle our strange and sometimes frustrating journey, while passing on a little 21st century homesteading knowledge along the way! Welcome to Winding Road Farm!

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