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This weekend I had two very enlightening conversations with two very different people that helped to shed some light on our country's Broken Medical system. The first conversation occurred on Facebook between me and the Wonderful native herbalist Kiva Rose. I have a friend, who's name I will not publish, who has constant reaccuring Urinary Tract Infections. She has been to the doctor, to no avail, and finally gave in to talk to the only herbalist she knows…me. I recommended the basics; Cranberry Juice, Less Sugar in her diet (the little organisms that cause U.T.Is feed on sugar), and Goldenrod Vinegar; thats what I use but since her case was a little different than mine, I got on Facebook to get a second opinion. Now before I show you this conversation, I must say to Kiva that I bow before your superior wisdom!

Gwendolynn Newell
Hey Kiva, have you ever used Goldenrod for U.T.Is? If not, what do you recommend?
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Kiva Rose- I have, but it depends on the kind of UTI. Is it an acute infection with burning pain, scalding urine, stabbing type pain or a chronic infection with a dull, achy pain or something else? The actual specific symptoms are often the best indicators for which exact herbs to use.
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Gwendolynn Newell- Chronic, definitely. Comes and goes usually right before she starts her cycle. I get them every once in a while so I made some goldenrod vinegar to take with water and it usually clears up within a day or so. Just wondering your thoughts on it 馃檪
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Kiva Rose- Do you have any more specific symptoms from her as to how it manifests?
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Gwendolynn Newell- Apparently she has a history of uti’s. Had them consistently when she was little, then she got rid of them in high school. When she entered the work force she was forced to ‘hold it’ and they came back. She’ll be fine one day and wake up in the morn with a burning sensation when she urinates, then a kind of throbbing pain in her bladder? that comes and goes throuout the day. Sharp pain when she picks something heavy up. They usually come more frequently in the heat of summer.
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Gwendolynn Newell- And are gone within a week.
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Kiva Rose- Ah, thank you, that’s very helpful. – Here’s a few suggestions:

Excess carbs can greatly contribute to recurring bacterial infections. In addition, food intolerance such as gluten can also trigger infection and interstitial cystitis symptoms. Dealing with both those thing can help enormously. And such a chronic condition certainly begs the question of why they’ve been so persistent…. if she was abused as a child (a not uncommon reason for chronic UTIs in young girls), there may also be some longstanding trauma (both physical and emotional) to deal with.

For an active infection with those symptoms, something like an 2 parts Alder, 1 part Goldenrod and 1/2 part Monarda would probably work very well to reduce symptoms quickly and eliminate the actual infection. You could try just the Goldenrod but it might be a bit warming on its own for her.

A cooling mucilaginous tea combining Marshmallow root, cornsilk and something astringent like Uva-ursi or Rose can also help with symptoms. Plantain would also be a good herb to add to the tea.

Anti-spasmodics like Skullcap and Crampbark can also be utilized to help with acute discomfort and pain.

Cranberry fruits or Bilberry/Blueberry leaves are very useful in flushing out the bacteria which helps prevent further proliferation.

Since the infections have been so long term it’s also likely that mucus membrane tonics like Bidens (Beggar’s ticks) or Goldenseal might be in order to tone up the mucosa and help prevent further infections.
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Gwendolynn Newell- Lol! You must be psychic Kiva! I showed her all the info and she looked down at the giant bowl of pasta she was eating with the most amazed look on her face and pushed it away! Thanks so much, your a lifesaver and a saint!
Saturday at 12:01am 路 Like 路 1 person (my friend was sitting right next to me while we were messaging her)

All in all, a very thorough recommendation,all of which turned out to be completely accurate. Before I give opinions, however, I shall regal the second conversation, which occurred today in the local Bar and Grill we frequent ( and in case you wondered, no we were not drinking beer, we were drinking coffee and having breakfast (the best breakfast in the state of Georgia, I might add.;)) I was speaking to a local police officer friend about the news of an international panel who found out that the war on drugs is a failure…I wont go into my opinions on that, otherwise this post would keep getting longer and longer. That led to a story of his last doctor’s appointment. It was a regular check up, he is getting older and his family has a history of heart disease. The doctor walked into the examination room, asked him how he was feeling, to which he replied: fine. The doctor then let him know they would be doing a few blood tests, and walked out. Fifteen minutes later, after drawing blood, the man was standing at the counter looking at a $400 bill. That was just for the visit…the blood tests were extra.
The contrasting length and wisdom of these two conversations has cemented into my mind this simple fact: There is something deeply Wrong with our Nation’s healthcare system! Yes, I know, we were already aware of this, thats why our industrious president suggested Obamacare, Right? Sadly, however, his somewhat unconstitutional recommendation does not fix the root of the problem. Like so many other difficulties that face our world today, we would simply be placing a dirty band-aide over a gaping shot gun wound. Why is it that I can not only discover an entire Self treatment plan for a rather common ailment, but also find out the possible causes and preventative measures for it in one (Free) conversation? Not only that, but the entire conversation was extraordinarily personal, geared for her Specific symptoms, and the illness can be treated by either me, a close friend whom she trusts, or herself with a few herbs and some time. I would have gladly paid $400 to get this information. My poor police officer friend, however, will most likely be stuck buying and taking Statins and Niacin, even if the blood tests come back negative. Im not suggesting that Doctors, Specialists and hospitals are unviable, they are very much needed for, among other things, diagnosis, those dreadful blood tests (which do tell us things our own senses cannot), surgeries,and a whole slew of Vital medical intricacies collected throughout thousands of years. It is my opinion, however ( and Im sure that of a few Natural Medicine Practitioners) that our beloved world could not only save a few trillion dollars, but also enrich and lengthen the lives of it’s citizens by suggesting to our doctors that they take a page or two from an Herbalist’s handbook. Get to know your individual patients body; it’s many cadences, it’s history, the many differences between one’s inner workings and someone else’s. What do they eat, drink, how do they sleep, where do they work? All of these factors affect not only affect the patient’s body, but also certain illnesses. Learn about the cures that grow among us, and try those before prescribing a more harsh and unnatural pill, don’t be bullied by Big Prescription companies. And Finally, teach your patients how to help themselves! By trying these simple procedures, maybe, just maybe, we can begin to heal one of our World’s many gaping wounds.


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This little info graphic has been traveling around the web in the last few days and I wanted to jump on this bandwagon because our Farm is, above all, about Positive Change. The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is outrageous as compared to something like Ramen or Hamburger Helper, both brands full of such crops as Corn, Soy and Wheat. How can an Economically sick America be expected to Eat Right when we are inundated by these cheap foods? Does anyone really wonder why 2/3 of America is Obese?

What if the White House grew what is truly America's Diet?

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Jasper, Turquoise and Sugilite...


While waiting patiently (not really a word to describe my demeanor) for my Vinegars and Tinctures to brew and my recently harvested Yarrow and Motherwort to dry, I decided to Get Crafty! So I broke out all my dusty jewelry making supplies that have been packed up for three or so years and dug around until I found my Healing stones (that I purchased with the intent to one day make something out of). The result of my toiling with wire and beads until 4 a.m will soon be featured on RavenOakMedicinals.Etsy.com. Now I know I normally only craft herbal remedies for healing but that doesn鈥檛 mean that herbs are the only way to longevity! Semi precious stones have been used for thousands of years to lend courage, incite love, increase the awareness of the unknown and, of course, to heal ailments! Though little studied in today鈥檚 modern medicine (most likely because learned individuals believe it鈥檚 a crock of B.S.), I think that stones may actually hold certain useful properties鈥or example, I have seen Turquoise, worn close to the throat, lend the courage for a woman to speak about sensitive issues to her husband. Whether this incidence is a strange force within the stone working positively on the human body, or simply a placebo effect, I am not qualified to say, but the point is that that woman was able to resolve a possibly explosive issue without anger or potential violence. Amazonite is said to lend the courage and confidence of an Amazon Warrior Woman鈥hough probably because the wearer looks (and therefor feels) great wearing it!


Flame Jasper...

As to the bodily healing properties of stones; Red Jasper is said to shield the wearer from environmental pollutants, radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Turquoise not only shields the person, but also cleanses the body of such toxins! If this has even the least bit of truth, imagine the opportunities available to medical professionals! Such amazing claims deserve further study. Many Such stone and crystal healing techniques usually involve placing 聽the stone or even water that has had that stone soaking in it, 聽directly on the affected area. One example is black onyx, usually used to heal infected wounds or fungal infections; 聽Soak a large black onyx stone (or a handful of smaller ones) overnight, than used the ‘infused’ water to either make a compress or gently pat the affected area.


Black onyx beads with Large Agate bead in center...

I have never personally had experience with using stones to heal the body, but when 聽conventional medicine fails to work (like so many times before), I feel that Anything is worth a try to prevent so much suffering.
Now for the second part of this post…I now have a Twitter account! This means more Farmin’ updates, herbal tips, Wild living excerpts and a deal or two for RavenOak Medicinals customers! This is actually very good news for me, because as we all know, I don’t have Internet at the Farm. So, any blog posts or shop listings have to be written at home and saved until I find free WiFi. However, I have twitter on my phone now, so any exciting or interesting info can be conveyed before I forget! You can find me at @WileWife on Twitter’s site or just glance over at the Twitter feed at the right of the page!

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Wanna Take a Tour of our Farm? C’mon, lets take a walk!

This is where we lived for Two years while working on the Big Barn, the small addition on the right was a battery box. Right behind it, the Ducks and Chicks are housed...lets go meet them!

Meet the Ducks and Chicks! The Ducks are named Merry and Pippin...they're always in trouble! We're fairly certain one of the chicks is a hen, she'll be named Mrs.Wynners. (I know, we're morbid, wait 'till you hear the Rooster's name)

Awwww! They love each other!

Lets check out the Gardens now! Well, this is actually the compost...I have volunteer peas and pumpkins coming up!

My Baby Carrots! They were DELICIOUS! I keep harvesting them before they reach full "carrothood", there just too good to leave in ground!

Yarrow...good for wound healing, and the treatment of colds and viruses, I have A Lot drying for the shop as we speak, with more to come as you can see!

The last Radish...we're seeing how big it will get...

I made a wonderful Rose Vinegar for sunburns last year from this rose...Make the same way as garlic vinegar. To use, Soak a rag in half water, half vinegar and lay cloth on Sunburn to alleviate pain and turn the burn into a tan!

Now we'll take a walk down the path we cut behind the house, everything is left wild for the local critters until we turn the area into an orchard, we always see rabbits, deer, racoons and plenty of birds down here!

To the right is this beautiful wild vetch, the pea-like pods are poisonous, but this plant provides vital nitrogen to the soil structure, as well as beauty to the landscape.

Just behind the vetch is a large Privett shrub, though invasive, it too provides vibrant blooms and food and shelter for wildlife. I've heard rumors its medicinal but havent had a chance to research this further...

As we continue down the path, my favorite flowers appear right in front of the semi-dry pond bed. A simple wild daisy, it's simplicity is it's beauty!

This is one of the many wild willow trees that populate the property, Im fairly sure this is White Willow. White Willow bark is medicinally similar to asprin; pain relieving, fever reducing, etc, The difference is no Stomach bleeding! Im very excited to have these trees...

This is the Lower Barn, soon to be workshop/studio/forge! It needs alot of work, but hey, were accustomed to that by now!

This is Grandmother Willow-who-is-actually-an-Oak, the inspiration for RavenOak Medicinals...the Ravens and She have an agreement, they get to hang out on her limbs as long as they fertilize the ground below with their droppings!

The guardian of the Oak...surprisingly not covered in Raven Poo!

A view thru the Oak leaves...That's the little building up there and you can just barely see our solar panels to the left. The driveway is to the right...thats where we're headed next.

Up here to the right of the driveway is the baby Oak Grove, a No-Mow Zone. Though we will not see the full maturity of these babies, it is still pretty cool to know our grandchildern will bear witness!

Our pecan started as a stick in the ground! The nuts it produces are very large!

Say Hi Bo-Bunny! (He likes to graze the clover under the Pecan)

The last stop is my messy front porch, we wont go into the house, its not fully done yet. That's Mint growing up through the cracks there, Oh! and meet Churches! Rev. Churches Chicken is his full name and he loves biscuits and my Garden. Dont worry if he chases you out of the driveway as you leave, he does that to everyone!

Well Im glad you could stop by, it’s too bad you couldnt see everything! We didnt get to the Frog Filled Pond Bed, The Stream behind it (I’ll be growing Ginseng back there one day!) Oh, and the Pine Forest, My Grandmother’s straw and mud cottage she’s building next door, The Front and Side Fields…soon to be an apple orchard and vineyard,and the Slab behind the house, its going to be a Huge Greenhouse someday! Oh, Well, maybe next time! I’ll invite you in for some coffee and some Peanut Butter cookies, maybe it wont be such a construction zone then! See Ya’ll next week!

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Hello to all my fellow bloggers out there! I’m sure everyone has now heard of the gigantic storm that has ravaged the south, over 150 tornado reports are spread across 5 states over the last 24 hours. Everyone is O.k here in our neck of the woods, although we had a good scare last night with at least 5 tornadoes in our vicinity. Last night found Bear and I out in the midst of the rain, wind and lightning 聽trying to strap down the solar panels that had been conveniently forgotten until then! I must say that was not the best experience of my life, I kept telling Bear that if a Tornado was to come thru, a few straps on a board would probably only serve as more shrapnel, but he was quite insistent that we risk our lives at 12:00 at night amongst the strobe light like display occurring all around us…what fun. Later that night, after various phone calls with minute by minute updates on the various tornado’s paths, we rushed to a neighbor’s house to borrow their basement after hearing that one of them was about ten minuets away. That had to be the most amusing tornado warning I’ve ever been through, what with being huddled next to a bow flex with three kids, two dogs and our aunt, uncle and cousin who didn’t get to the shelter until about five minutes After the warning was over! Jokes were flying, dogs were cuddled up against the children and the five year old boy seemed to want to lasso the tornado and ride it to school the next day!(he even had a rope!) When we finally figured out the danger was over (it took a while because we didn’t see the radio sitting in the middle of the floor until we were about to leave), we made our way out to the car in the yet again pouring rain, only to find it locked! After about a minute and a half of trying to unlock the car, we finally made it home soaking wet and exhausted! What a night!

Now, on a more somber note, 聽I must stop here to mention with great respect a local hero whom I still don’t know the name of. Last night around 11:00 pm a 21 year old girl stopped by the home of an elderly gentleman who had been incapacitated with a stroke. Because of the coming storms, she chose to sit with him throughout the night in his single wide trailer. Their bodies were found earlier this morning in the tiny bathroom that was all that was left of the structure. Our hearts go out to the family of this brave young woman, who comforted her friend until the end. If I ever find out the name of this generous girl I’ll be sure to post it here so that her story will not be forgotten. 聽

Alright, onto the surprise! Though this was definitely not the way I pictured this reveal, I can’t hold it off any longer, that just wouldn’t be fair! So, without further adieu, I present to you RavenOak Medicinals, an Etsy shop dedicated to the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet! The farm is finally coming together, and with it comes a bounty of both wild and cultivated herbs just asking to be made up into teas, tinctures, vinegars and brews! I’m proud to share with you the first small line of health giving products聽becoming available at聽聽聽聽http://www.etsy.com/shop/RavenOakMedicinals聽.聽

Hops and Chamomile in my Sweet Dreams Tea

Garlic Vinegar is macerating now and will soon become availible for purchase for those of you who dont wish to try the recipe at home. A Blend of Yellow Dock and Dandelion in Apple Cidar Vinegar. Cleansing and Nourishing to the body!

All of my packaging is made from either recycleable, reusable or Completely Compostable materials , why not extend the No Trash Zone to hoseholds everywhere!

My Spring Tonic Tea is delicious chilled and served with a sprig of fresh mint! Cleansing and Tonifying to the body!

聽YaY! Now I can check one more item off of my New Year’s Resolutions list! And, since I’m so excited about this, anyone who leaves a comment on this post and shoots me an e-mail with your address within the next two or three days will receive a Free Sample of my Spring Tonic Tea! Consider it a thank you for putting up with my erratic posting and crazy procrastination!

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Dont Worry Everyone,The Super Suprise will be revealed next Thursday! Until then, enjoy this post about doing too many things at once!
Spring is such a busy time of the year for us Homesteaders (or at least for those of us Trying to be Homesteaders ;)). Planting seeds and seedlings, harvesting 聽the Early Spring Bounty, Making tinctures, teas, vinegars and Herbal Waters, and of course…Spring Cleaning! Well, being the Crazy woman that I am, I attempted to take on each of these tasks in the course of a Week and Weekend! I suppose it’s because of that Extreme sport we like to train for, you know…The Procrastination Olympics? Whew! Time for some Tips, I think!聽
聽聽 First tip of the Week…Don’t do what I did! Bunching all of these tasks together is a recipe for exhaustion and Mistakes, which will only cause more work in the long run! I realize this may sound like common sense (and it is ;)), but too many of us seem to be leaving that little bit of knowledge at the gate! Take the time to plan out each task, call planning a task in itself. Set One for each day, or tackle One in a weekend and always remember to take breaks when doing farm work, herbal preparations, cleaning, etc…In this manner, your body, and mind has time to recoup, think of things you may have forgotten and gear up for the next portion of whatever your work may entail. Believe me, you’ll get more done and make fewer mistakes this way. Perhaps we should take a page from the British, Tea Time sounds pretty appealing!
聽聽 Now for the fun part…Story Time! ‘Tis a tale to rival that of Cinderella! Full of happiness, beauty, herbal magic and children’s laughter! The only problem? The beautiful princess missed the ball and ended up scrubbing the same pot for three days! So, without further adieu, Once upon a Time…

聽Three beautiful princess friends decided the time was right to brew the magical love potion called Rose Water, so, one spring Sunday, they all gathered together their children and husbands and brothers to a mystical Farm (much like my own) to have a party. While the children played outside, mixing potions and soups in old pots full of grass and mud, the three friends gathered roses from the Pure White rose bush, filling their baskets and reveling in the sweet, flowery smell that permeated the air. Laughing along with the three children, they skipped to the castle, tossing rose petals into the air and admonishing the youngest child for actually eating the mud pie, which only brought more hails of delighted laughter from the messy young ones. They then spirited to the Hearth of the Home, and there they poured blessed well water into a beautiful, and expensive, stainless steel pot, picked the rose petals free from their buds and placed the magical brew onto the fire. They then placed a steamer on top, with a small glass dish in the middle to catch the sacred liquid. On top of this, an inverted lid was placed, to direct that sacred liquid into the dish. Many prayers and chants were said over this apparatus, words filled with happiness and giddy jokes, for laughter is the essence of Love, until finally, the brew began to boil, and then to simmer. 聽An imploring silence fell over the room. The first friend peeked under the lid… and was amazed to find a light golden liquid dripping into the glass container! “We’ve done it!”, she whispered, and was greeted with 聽cheers from her two beautiful friends. “Oh, we must let it simmer longer…perhaps we’ll get even more!”, but her ignorance was like that of her friends, for the potion must only be allowed to simmer for forty minutes, else the essence be diluted… So after an hour, the second friend arose, saying she had a birthday party to attend and bade them fair well, gathering up her two little girls and a grumbling husband as she left. The last child to stay, a small boy, came into the kitchen where the two friends sat chatting and watching the potion. And as young children are wont to do when they have been playing all day, said in a sweet voice, “I’m hungry!!”, “Hey me too!” echoed the men, who had been playing a game of chance and risk the entire day. The first princess looked to the second, who nodded her head in agreement, “I shall make a feast!”, she cried! And she went about filling pots with water, placing pans of sausage on the Enchanted Chef stove and shredding cheese to complete the meal….but all the while, the love potion sat simmering on the stove…forgotten…By the end of the great feast, all the patrons sat in satisfied chatter until, at the same time, the two princesses looked to the stovetop in alarm as smoke poured out from the potion! “No!”,they cried in unison as they lifted the steamer to look beneath. The Pure White Roses had turned black, as all the water had vanished from the bottom. The liquid gold potion, that was supposed to smell like sweet roses on a warm spring day, instead held only the slight fragrance of burned roses. Alas, the potion was ruined and as punishment for her distraction, the Princess had to scrub the blackened pot for Three Days! Here is the magical mixture she used, after many failed attempts, to Finally remove the burned mess from the bottom of the pot, I place it here so that no other Princess (or Prince) shall have to scrub a burned pot for three days again!
2parts Baking Soda
1part lemon juice
1part water
Create a paste to coat the burned on food stuff and leave it to sit overnight. The next morning take a copper scrubbing pad and scrub, scrub, scrub! Rinse it with a little water, but leave a little of the paste at the bottom, then add Eco Friendly dish soap and scrub some more, to get at the corners, use the handle end of a tooth brush or spatula stuck into the copper scrubbing pad. By the end of this, you should have a squeaky clean pan!

I hope you enjoyed my little fairy tale, it seemed appropriate in light of scrubbing pots, and remember; like every parent has said at one time or another in their children’s lives…Do as I say, not as I do! And may you never have to scrub burned on Rose Petals!

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Alas, my friends, I am guilty of shirking my blogging responsibilities! But who can truly blame me? The Spirits of Spring have called me to the newly blooming Gardens ( or what will soon become gardens ), and who can resist the call of Nature ( no, not that call! 馃槈 )? I apologize, but now it seems the rains have come to Georgia and I suppose I will be stuck indoors today! So now I sit, sipping a steaming cup of Organic ( and Fair Trade ) coffee mixed with wild harvested, roasted Dandelion Root that I recently dug from my yard.

聽聽 聽I have, in earlier posts, preached the amazing qualities of this sometimes hated weed, and what better time to explain the roasting process than on a rainy day? Plus I figured with my total lack of posts I might better give y’all something useful to read, otherwise my minions ( oops… I mean Readers:) )might rise against me! Now enough of the babble, let’s get to the good stuff!

What dainty Flowers!

How to Roast Dandelion Roots:

First, of course, we must extract them from the soil! To ensure a continuous supply of crunchy, cleansing roots, and crisp salad greens, we must pick the seed laden puff balls and make a few wishes for the future! Just be sure not to blow the seeds into your neighbors yard ( unless, of course, they share your love for dandelion’s sunny disposition )!

To gather the greatest amount of roots, you will need a good spade, and by spade, I mean a square shaped shovel with a nice, sharp edge to it. Some people prefer a regular shovel, but these tenacious roots tend to grow about 2 feet long, strait down into your yard, so it gets pretty difficult unless you have a long shovel!

聽A good root diggin’ technique is to dig in a circle around the base of the plant, placing the spade straight down at the base and jumping up and down on it multiple times, then standing on the shovel and rocking precariously side to side to loosen the soil around said Dandelion. Not only is this really fun, it’s the only way I’ve found to get the whole root! Comment if you have a more efficient ( though maybe slightly less fun) technique. Once you have the soil loosened, reach down and grab the base of the plant and using your shovel for leverage, pull straight up. You should now have a beautiful, dirt covered root, along with some excess dirt under your fingernails. Keep up the diggin’ until you have enough roots ( there’s no real way to tell how many you’ll need, because, of course each root is a different size, shape and length).

These beautiful little roots, covered in Ga. Red Dirt, are actually a golden yellow color when washed. You can see how long and skinny they are, and they shoot straight down into the soil.

Now clean your roots outside first at the hose, I like to set up a grate over my compost pile, then spray them with the hose, but not too hard, you don’t really want to bruise them, however, get as much soil off as possible before moving on to the kitchen sink. Once inside, cut the leaves off and set them aside for lunch, then move on to scrubbing them as you would a potato, until all the dirt is gone. Place them on a paper towel to get the excess water off, then start chopping them up.

Now you can see the yellowish color. Sorry for the Horrible Pic!

It doesn’t really matter how you chopp them as long as their basically the same thickness to ensure even drying.

Spread them on a baking sheet, a couple of centimeters thick, and place in a 250 degree F. oven, leaving the door partially open to allow 聽moisture to escape. Keep checking them until they look shriveled, then leave them for about 30 more minutes to get a nice brown to golden color. The whole process usually only takes about 2 hours (unless you decide to try this on an extremely humid Georgia afternoon, like I did! Then it takes half the day to just dry them!:))

When their nice and roasted (I can always tell by the Earthy, slightly spicy aroma that permeates my kitchen), store them, unground, in an airtight jar in a cool dark area just like any other medicinal herb.

I like to grind the Dandelion with the coffee beans at a ratio of about a third of the Dandelion root to two thirds of the coffee. Adding more will give you a more bitter, Cafe Du Monde chicory-like flavor. Then Brew just like you would regular coffee and enjoy the cleansing, nutrient rich flavor of your dandelion coffee! Just remember, both coffee and Dandelion roots are diuretic, which basically means you’ll be urinating more than usual. Don’t let it get you down, it just means the dandelion is traveling through your body picking up toxins along the way out. Be sure, however, to get a little extra potassium in your diet, as this can be depleted by a pickup in the frequency of urinating.

Not only is this a great tasting way to take your medicine, it will also extend the time between buying more coffee, thereby saving you a couple extra dollars! I like to use that extra cash to buy plants…and potting soil, and pots, and seeds, and garden tools….O.K, so maybe it wont save me that much!


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